Self Titled.


So I’ve been talking about this for a while now, mostly with myself, but also to some of my poor friends. I’d feel bad for bombarding everyone on my social media with these posts so I thought I’d do that thing people do these days and start a blog. About (mostly) music and all of the varied crap that I listen to.

It all stems from this little beat up notebook here. I started to write down things that I was listening to and what I thought of them, or things to listen to later and check out, records/CDs/tapes to buy, shows to go to, things that I think my friends would like. Just lots of nonsense about music. I have a poor memory, which is why this all came about!

It’s quite a therapeutic thing for me to write about, music, and I am under no illusion that anyone will give a damn about it and I most certainly am not a writer. I’m just a bore who needs an outlet, gimmie a break!

I’ll write something “serious” soon when I fully figure out this website editing shit.




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