Ending the drought…



It’s about time I posted something again I guess! Since I managed to turn my laptop on and remembered how to type (somewhat) I thought now was as good a time as ever.

I wanted to start off with a pretty heart felt review (of sorts) of one of my favourite bands new records: Chastity Belt – I Used to Spend so Much Time Alone. Chastity Belt are a band that mean a lot to me. They were one of those pivotal bands that helped change the overall direction of my musical tastes. That’s a pretty big claim for a band of four women from Seattle!

When a particular album shows up at a time when you most need it – you hold onto that record – probably forever. (This is why people have autobiographically organised record collections!). The record I’m referring to is Chastity Belts second album Time to Go Home, released in March 2015. It’s a dreamy, riot grrrl-ish, tongue in cheek Mid-West American indie delight. I listened to it to absolute death, and I still spin it a lot two years later. The bands new release is in a whole different but equally excellent zone.

I Used to Spend so Much Time Alone has a much darker and less humorous feel, leaning more towards a post-punk/shoegaze sound but brought back down to its roots with the great Julia Shapiros super laid back vocals. Opener “Different Now” has those beautiful, shimmery reverb driven guitar hooks then delves into a more solemn yet altogether more sincere “Used To Spend” later on with lyrics like feeling like a champ, but for how long? I used to spend so much time alone. 

This record is great, it’s easy to listen to but when reading more into Shapiros lyrics you get a different perspective on the band, this may be their “grown up” album, it’s dealing with issues of depression and loneliness and dealing with them very openly and honestly. It’s a different album for them but I honestly love it and I love them even more for it. Give it a listen and read along to the lyrics, you wont regret it.

Yet another time Chastity Belt have got my back.

Here’s the obligatory Bandcamp link to listen to/buy this beauty:





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