More exciting new shit…


I’ve previously chatted about a lot of punk based music on here, but obviously that’s not all I’m about. I love me some metal, always have always will. Give me an HM2 pedal or give me death. Anyway…

Introducing the first effort from new Glasgow band Dark Habits, Cave Paintings ep. I snagged the cassette release of this the other week. The guys tell me none of them have a tape player to listen to it on, which is pretty hilarious but I’ve assured them it sounds up to scratch. And of course it does, Lewis (guitarist) runs Glassworks Studio in Glasgow, so the man knows his shit, but seriously, get a tape player, you’re missing out!

It actually sounds great, fucking great. I’m a total sucker for this shiiiiit. My eyes lit up from the opening riff immediately. This is savage and relentless and it’s… from Glasgow. I don’t mean that in a bad way but these guys sound like they’d be at home on AC//13 with bands like Young and in the Way or even slotted nicely into Southern Lords hardcore d-beat roster. These are easy comparisons but there’s a great track that’s separating them nicely from the “blackened hardcore” gang, Self-Exorcism. Slowed right down to a sludgy scrawling bass riff with a stripped back drum beat and some electronica thrown in, it’s almost industrial sounding but the vocals are sat nicely above it all and holy shit they are haunting.

I’ll be honest and say this is a fairly unexpected sound to come out of Glasgow right now, but there’s a wealth of incredible variety around the Central Belt, and these guys only add to it. From the dreamy sulk-core of Chump, to the break neck bratty hardcore of Sick of Talk and now the blast to d-beat riff fest of Dark Habits, who’s putting on the next mixed bill show?!

This is a really solid first release and I’m looking forward to seeing Dark Habits live and seeing what else they bring to the table. Has anyone been in touch with Southern Lord yet? That needs to happen. Can someone bring me some ice for my neck? I don’t headbang as much as I used to.

Download or buy the tape from their Bandcamp, it’s only 3 bloody quid!


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