How does a person living in central Scotland get into a punk band from Olympia, Washington? So the chain of events goes…

My Danish babe friend who lives in Germany recommends me an Icelandic band called Daudyflin, I then seek out and buy any records of theirs I can. Then Daudyflin hook up with Xylitol from Olympia for a US tour and end up releasing a tour tape split together and I fall in love with Xylitol immediately on hearing their side of the split and then relentlessly listen to their ep …Is Toxic To Pigs?? and grin from ear to ear.

This ep is 10 minutes of hate on cops. Yeah ok it's not a new concept, but this is definitely played with wry smiles on their faces. These are also some of my most favourite vocals I've heard in a long time. Unashamedly female, seething but still sang with recognisable lyrics, making you want to sing along. I sure as hell want to snarl along to "no more justice, this is war, burn the precinct, loot the store".

I'm forever grateful for people sharing music and it warms my heart when people listen to something and think "I know someone who would love this" and pass it on. Keep doing this, it's such an important way of ensuring music is heard and enjoyed.

Also UK folks, if you know of any UK distros carrying this record please get in touch!

Get stuck in!



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