“It only hurts for a moment.”


Fucked Up. What a band. What a fucking band. I never get tired of them, they’re always changing and challenging the hardcore punk boundaries and I can’t get enough of it. Their album, Hidden World, is ten years old this year, which blows my mind. It was one of those “game changers” for me. I listened to a zillion hardcore bands growing up, went to the shows, bought the records and t shirts, but never felt 100% comfortable with it. I was never super hardcore or super metal or super indie or whatever, I was always kind of floating around the periphery of scenes. Fucked Up made me feel at home, they made me feel like a finally “got it”. They had the hardcore roots (Haymaker split, Colohan vocals, previous bands etc) but they also had that perfect weirdness that set them out from all the other hardcore bands (who I am not belittling by the way, I loved that shit!) and it just makes me grin from ear to ear. Hidden World in particular has that punk build up and Damien’s vocals kick in and it makes me want to punch the fucking ceiling, but then later in the album there’s all these layers of mesmerising guitar and bass that I feel like I should be frolicking around a fucking meadow to. So basically if I go see them perform this album, these are the kind of antics you can expect from me (the part punching/part frolicking) and you’d also see a very, very happy face. I think it’s so important to genuinely smile at music that makes you happy, which is why I look like a fucking creep at so many gigs, because I can’t stop smiling.


To conclude: (I don’t know what I’m concluding, because I’m not really sure what I just wrote lol) I love Fucked Up. Go see them.

The end.


Self Titled.


So I’ve been talking about this for a while now, mostly with myself, but also to some of my poor friends. I’d feel bad for bombarding everyone on my social media with these posts so I thought I’d do that thing people do these days and start a blog. About (mostly) music and all of the varied crap that I listen to.

It all stems from this little beat up notebook here. I started to write down things that I was listening to and what I thought of them, or things to listen to later and check out, records/CDs/tapes to buy, shows to go to, things that I think my friends would like. Just lots of nonsense about music. I have a poor memory, which is why this all came about!

It’s quite a therapeutic thing for me to write about, music, and I am under no illusion that anyone will give a damn about it and I most certainly am not a writer. I’m just a bore who needs an outlet, gimmie a break!

I’ll write something “serious” soon when I fully figure out this website editing shit.